Monday, June 28, 2010


This past weekend, Aaron, Jake and I went to Portland in celebration of my nephew Henri's 2nd birthday. What usual takes 6 hours or less to drive instead took us 9... Aaron says the era of baby-travel has begun. Friday morning was Henri's party in the park and nearly all of both sides of the family were able to be there along with some of Henri's "friends." Friday evening we had family pics done at Mt. Tabor. The task of having all 10 of us looking at the camera, and the kiddos not fussing was quite a challenge and I'm hoping at least one of them turned out. I got to spend most of the day Saturday with my sister, which is such a rare treat. Aaron took Jake to hang out in the park with his side of the family while Carrie and I hit up NW 23rd St. and Forever 21. I wish we lived closer and could do sister shopping dates more often. Aaron, Carrie, Beau (who is living in Portland now), and I enjoyed dinner out while my mom stayed back at the hotel to make sure Jake stayed asleep. Sunday morning we were all up early and thankfully the drive back only took 6 1/2 hours! great trip, great family!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

a Glorious weekend!

We had awesome 75-80 degree weather this weekend--finally! Saturday morning we were up early to grab some Starbucks on our way to the annual Liberty Lake Yard Sale....basically like the Black Friday of yardsales. We had so-so success, but then spent the rest of the day working out in the yard. Then, nice and sunburnt, it was out to dinner with my boys. Jacob is still pretty congested and snotty so the two of us stayed home from church and hooked up with dad to grocery shop. After naptime today, we loaded up the puppers and headed to Hayden Lake for an early evening swim and walk around the dock. We capped off the evening with a barbeque and hot fudge sundaes. Summer is finally here and boy does it feel gooood.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little Republican (or maybe Independent) in the making

Aaron went to vote at last weeks Primary Election after work. He had Jake with him, who he says was flirting with all of the older volunteer gals. I'm not surprised.


While he was in utero I had no intentions of plopping my baby in a toy and walking away to make dinner. That was then; this is now. My mom got Jacob an ExerSaucer a few weeks ago because the care givers at the hospital day care where Jacob goes says he just loves it. Turns out he does love it! We did have to take off like 75% of the little toy attachments though b/c he was getting overstimulated big time. THANKS MOM/GRAM!